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Unlock the power of the PBX Cloud to turbocharge your business. Take advantage of the features to expand, be more efficient, and really take your business to new heights.

Features of the Cloud PBX - the telephone system in the cloud

The telephony solution that adapts to your business growth.

The essential phone system for small and medium companies!

A Cloud PBX phone system is a great choice for businesses looking for an easy-to-use and feature-rich platform. In addition to quality and simplicity, you save monthly compared to your local phone company. Our plans also include extensions and minute packages for better utilization.

Our Cloud PBX offers an enhanced, yet simple-to-use interface that enables customers to run their business from anywhere their cell phone works and with Internet access. Direct calls to different industries on weekends – giving the organization the opportunity to expand.

We provide support in three languages (English, Portuguese, and German) and have a personalized service from our dedicated team who are constantly striving to offer you the best when you choose us.

With Cloud PBX, you get all the features you need to run your business smoothly – without having to pay a fortune each month. Plus, we offer support in three languages, so you can always get help when you need it.

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Our Services

Auto attendant

A recorded message answers the calls so that customers can access the correct extension or department. For example, “Press 1 for Sales, 2 for Support…” The Auto-attendant capabilities include features such as playing a specific voice prompt to the caller and advanced features such as call queues.

Hunt Groups

This allows calls to be redirected to other predetermined lines when the line called is busy. Hunting allows a number of lines to be grouped into a “pool” so that incoming calls are directed to whichever of these lines is available.

Call recording*

This allows a user to record all incoming/outgoing /redirected calls, so they can be listened to (or downloaded) from the self-care web portal later. Calls can be recorded for training or compliance purposes, improving quality control and customer service.

Simultaneous ringing

Allow all SIP phones registered on a single account to ring simultaneously. Moreover, if an end user owns three SIP phones (e.g., a mobile application on a smartphone, a tablet, and a desktop IP phone), they can receive calls to all three devices simultaneously.

Call forwarding

Automatically routes all incoming calls for a given extension to another number (extension, home/mobile phone, etc.), improving efficiency and customer service.

Call parking

This allows a user to place a call on hold, move to a different location, and then resume the call from any other station within the Cloud PBX by dialing a retrieval code or a key on the IP phone.

Call queues

This functionality is provided to the "call center". If there are too many calls from customers to auto attendant, Cloud PBX can direct those calls to customer service agents according to the rules.

Emergency calling

Emergency calling can save lives! In an emergency, every second counts. Calling 911/112 quickly and accurately can ensure help arrives as soon as possible. Emergency calling can be a lifesaver, so make sure to act quickly in a situation that requires it.

Call Flow

Call flow refers to the sequence of steps and actions that occur during a telephone call. A call flow usually begins when a caller dials a telephone number and ends when the call is disconnected.Cloud PBX supports the following types of handoffs: dial, ring, answer, greet, chat, and disconnect.

Call supervision

Cloud PBX users can supervise their team's calls in real time. A manager, for example, can monitor a sales agent's calls, guide them and, if necessary, intervene on the call. This can be useful for training, quality assurance, or helping an employee on a difficult call.

DND (Do not disturb)

The Do not disturb (DND) feature allows end users to temporarily disable incoming calls.


This feature allows the user to include a third participant in a conversation, forming a three-person video call.


The Busy lamp field (BLF) feature monitors the statuses of individual phone lines (idle, busy, etc.) and displays them in real-time on the attendant phone console (IP phone with BLF).

Cloud PBX - modern mobile features


It is a feature used in telephone systems that plays music or audio messages to callers who are put on hold.


The call transfer feature allows a call to be redirected from one station to another station or phone number. It can be useful on many occasions.


This feature alerts users to one or more waiting calls during an ongoing conversation. When call waiting is enabled and a second call comes in, the person will hear a tone or beep to indicate that there is another call. To use call waiting, you need to have it enabled on your phone.

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