VC Connect - Professional SIP Telephony Meets VoIP

Connect effortlessly and professionally with VC Connect, your comprehensive SIP telephony solution. Take advantage of the advanced features of a SIP account, combined with the flexibility of VoIP. With VC Connect, you become the hub of communication โ€“ reachable everywhere and on any device.

VC Connect: Your SIP Account with the Power of VoIP

Discover VC Connect, far more than just a VoIP telephony solution. Register your powerful SIP account across various devices, including smartphone apps, IP phones, and other SIP-enabled endpoints. With innovative features like call forwarding, call hold, and DTMF (dual-tone multi-frequency), VC Connect adds value to your business communication.
(Please note that national regulations apply when activating phone numbers in certain countries.)

Features & Convenience

  • Register your VC Connect account on up to three devices
  • Full integration with existing SIP devices and infrastructures
  • Intuitive management of your settings and numbers in the web portal
  • Direct purchase and assignment of international phone numbers
  • Optional expansions: Book additional accounts and enjoy attractive flat rates

Your Added Value with VC Connect

  • Always stay connected with reliable communication through SIP and the flexibility of VoIP
  • Cost-effective national and international calls without compromises
  • International presence thanks to numbers from various countries

Transparent & Simple Pricing Model

At VC Connect, we place great emphasis on transparent and fair pricing to provide our customers with maximum flexibility.


โ‚ฌ2.50 per month (with annual payment)
  • A price you'll love โ€“ for an account that pays off
  • Flexible purchase of numbers directly online
  • Clearly defined call costs (EU & UK: Landline โ‚ฌ0.030 | Mobile โ‚ฌ0.12, Switzerland: Landline โ‚ฌ0.030 | Mobile โ‚ฌ0.12, USA & Canada: โ‚ฌ0.03)

*Price per VC Connect Account

Additional Details and Notes:

Please note: For full use of VC Connect, the purchase of one or more phone numbers is necessary, which can be conveniently acquired via our online portal. Some countries require specific documents before activating a phone number to comply with local laws. For details on the specific requirements of different countries and necessary documents, please contact us.

Payment Options

VC Connect offers you flexible and convenient payment options. All our services are prepaid, so you always have complete control over your expenses. Currently, you can make your payments securely and easily by credit card.

Important Note on Prepaid Credit Cards:
If you use a prepaid credit card for payment, please ensure that there is sufficient balance on the card to cover the annual fees. Insufficient balance can lead to interruptions in your service, as annual costs must be charged in advance. We recommend using our Auto Top-up and ensuring sufficient funds.

Credit Cards

Rely on VC Connect for professional and disruption-free communication. Experience how SIP transforms your business calls โ€” with seamless integration and supreme voice quality. Switch to VC Connect today and unlock new ways to enhance your customer relationships and daily operations more efficiently.

Start now and take your company's communication to the next level!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about VC Connect

What is VC Connect?

VC Connect is a professional SIP telephony solution that enables voice communication over the Internet (VoIP). It allows users to register their account on up to three devices to make and receive calls.

How does VC Connect differ from other VoIP services like Skype or WhatsApp?

VC Connect uses SIP (Session Initiation Protocol), a standardized protocol for telephony, to offer advanced features such as call forwarding, call parking, or conference calls that go beyond simple VoIP services.

Do I need to own a physical phone number to use VC Connect?

Yes, you need one or more phone numbers to operate VC Connect, which you can purchase directly through our online portal.

Can I use phone numbers from other countries with VC Connect?

Yes, VC Connect offers the ability to acquire and use international phone numbers with national voice termination.

How many devices can I connect with my VC Connect account?

You can register your VC Connect account with up to three devices simultaneously and flexibly use the respective device for your calls.

What does VC Connect cost?

VC Connect is offered at an affordable price of โ‚ฌ2.50 per month with annual payment in advance. Please note that additional costs for phone numbers and calls may apply depending on the tariff.

Can I purchase multiple VC Connect accounts for my company?

Yes, you can purchase multiple VC Connect accounts for your company, thereby scaling your company's communication structure.

What are the technical requirements for using VC Connect?

To use VC Connect, you need a SIP-enabled device (e.g., IP phone, smartphone with SIP app) and a stable Internet connection.

How quickly can I start using VC Connect after registration?

Once you have registered your account and acquired a phone number, you can almost immediately begin using VC Connect.

Are there specific country regulations that I need to consider when using international numbers?

Yes, some countries have regulations that require additional information from you before phone numbers can be activated. These requirements can affect provisioning time. Further details can be found on our information page.

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