We at Virtual-Call strive to connect people and businesses around the world through all forms of modern communication, anytime, anywhere. Our goal is to provide you with innovative cloud telephony solutions that will enable seamless communication with your employees, customers, and partners. You can rely on Virtual-Call to meet your communication needs and connect your business worldwide.

Your partner, for modern cloud telephony solutions

Who we are & what we stand for

Virtual-Call is a leading communication service provider based in Switzerland, with a mission to connect people and businesses in Switzerland and around the world through all modern communication channels โ€“ anytime, anywhere.

Our company philosophy is founded on quality and trust. Virtual-Call is officially registered with the Federal Office of Communications (OFCOM) and has been operating in Europe, the United States, Latin America, and Asia Pacific (APAC) since 2013.

Our premium cloud telephony solutions, which encompass Cloud PBX, SIP trunking, domestic and international phone numbers, and MS Teams Direct Routing, are precisely tailored to meet the precise requirements of your company.

With Virtual-Call, you will receive the flexibility and scalability you need to make your business a success. Our solutions are the ideal solution for your business.

Our goal is to provide companies with high-quality and cost-effective telephony solutions that directly impact their business environment, whether through cost savings or improved productivity.

Connecting Your Business to the World

At Virtual-Call, we're dedicated to connecting your business with the world. We use only the best direct routes for international and national connections through Tier 1 carriers such as BT, BICS, Colt, Deutsche Telekom, Telia, TATA, and Telefรณnica. Our network is completely redundant with global servers and data centers strategically located around the world, ensuring 100% availability of your connection to us โ€“ regardless of where your customers are located.

We believe in the power of communication to unite people and companies through flexible and efficient cloud telephony solutions. Our solutions contribute to and simplify internal and external communication for your business, enhancing productivity and customer satisfaction. Choose Virtual-Call as your trusted communication partner and enjoy seamless, reliable connectivity that helps your business thrive.

Start the future together with Virtual-Call

Virtual-Call prides itself on bringing you the best in technology and connectivity. Our geo-redundant server clusters are strategically in premier data centers worldwide, ensuring that you receive the utmost level of quality and dependability.

Please take a moment to peruse our global map to gain a comprehensive understanding of our server locations and available connections. Take the next step towards the future and rely on Virtual-Call for your cloud telephony solutions.

Let's work together today to find the right solution for your business. We are available to assist you with our expertise in optimizing your communication and effectively leading your company into the future.

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Trust in our first-class partners and technologies.

To provide you with the highest level of quality and reliability, we exclusively utilize Tier 1 connections and renowned partners. These high-quality connections and technologies ensure that your communication runs smoothly and with exceptional quality.

Our Tier 1 connections provide you with stable and high-performance communication, both nationally and internationally.

Why Virtual-Call?

Choose Virtual-Call for Reliable Cloud Telephony Solutions

Virtual-Call is an international communications service provider (CSP) that has been operating in the market for over ten years. We believe in the potential and power of communication to connect people worldwide. Virtual-Call is your trusted partner for flexible and reliable cloud telephony solutions for Swiss and international businesses that have contemporary, efficient, and cost-effective communication requirements to connect with their employees, customers, and partners across any communication devices at any time.

Superior Connectivity

Virtual-Call is dedicated to providing superior connectivity, using only the best direct routes through top-tier carriers. Our geo-redundant server clusters located around the world ensure 100% availability and reliability for your communication needs.

Top-Tier Customer Service

Virtual-Call's top-tier customer service team is available around the clock to help you with all your communication needs. Our experts are highly skilled and trained to provide personalized support and solutions, ensuring that you receive timely and efficient assistance.

Cost-Effective Solutions

At Virtual-Call, we're committed to providing cost-effective solutions that meet your unique communication needs. Our solutions are scalable, flexible, and designed to enhance your business productivity and customer satisfaction without breaking the bank.

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