Advantages of Our Wholesale VoIP Termination Services

As a carrier or VoIP provider, you require reliable and cost-effective VoIP termination services to run your telecommunications business smoothly. Our wholesale VoIP termination offerings deliver precisely that. At Virtual-Call, we are committed to affordable, high-quality services tailored to the needs of your business.

Our suite of services encompasses premium routes, including A-Z Premium CLI direct, A-Z Standard routes (CLI on a best-effort basis), EEA routes within Europe for retail (conversational) traffic.

Why you should Choose Virtual-Call

Delivering the highest quality and CLI

Your telecommunication business requires a VoIP termination service that is simultaneously reliable, cost-effective, and tailored to your specific needs as a carrier or VoIP provider. This is at the core of Virtual-Call's expertise. Not only do we provide exceptional customer support and flexible pricing structures,

but our expansive offering now includes value-added call center routes designed for high-demand telecom environments. Whether addressing the needs of retail communication or high-volume call center operations, our team is dedicated to delivering seamless, interruption-free service.

Premium CLI Routes for Retail Traffic

Please note that the Premium CLI routes are designated solely for retail (conversational) traffic and intended for carriers and VoIP operators.

Premium Routes (A โ€“ Z)

VoIP termination with retail quality and guaranteed CLI.

  • 100% CLI
  • Retail quality
  • Low latency

Standard Route (A โ€“ Z)

  • High-quality VoIP termination with CLI on a best-effort basis.
  • CLI best effort
  • Good quality
  • Competitive pricing

EEA Premium Routes

  • VoIP termination within EEA countries at more affordable rates.
  • 100% CLI
  • National termination
  • Premium quality
International Landline and 0800 Service numbers

An essential service for VoIP carriers

Our VoIP termination services are designed to meet the needs of VoIP carriers looking for reliable, high-quality routes at attractive national call rates. We strive to offer the most modern solutions for business telephony services and constantly strive to serve our customers and business partners in the best possible way.

What Virtual-Call Offers You

Direct routes for the best call quality

Virtual-Call is your trusted partner when it comes to reliable and cost-effective VoIP termination services at an affordable price. As a leader in the telecom industry, we understand the importance of having a high-quality service that meets your specific business needs.

Availability and Quality

Calls are routed nationally within their respective countries, compatible with standard softswitches and IP-PBX systems. Our service provides unmatched quality and availability, ensuring your communication remains reliant and secure.

24/7 SIP Cluster Monitoring

Our around-the-clock SIP cluster monitoring allows us to pinpoint and solve issues within an IP-based VoIP system swiftly. With our specialist support, rest assured any encountered problems are resolved quickly and effectively.

Diverse Quality Routes

We offer an array of routes, from premium to standard quality, to meet your business's precise demands. Selecting the appropriate quality route for a destination can significantly enhance a seamless telecommunication experience.

Low Latency Connectivity

Low latency ensures you maintain a superior connection for making calls, sending messages or data, and conducting video conferences rapidly and without delay. Our service ensures the best connection quality for a smooth communication experience.


Guaranteed Quality

Your calls will get terminated with guaranteed high-quality local carriers and low delay, so you can rest assured that they'll besecurely connected wherever in the world it is your destination!

Global Infrastructure

Our PoPs, located in 6 regions across 5 continents, ensure that you experience low latency and high voice quality.

High Availability

With a geo-redundant infrastructure across multiple geographies and local carrier connections across countries, we promise a 100% up-time.

Tier 1 Interconnect

With the direct connection to leading Tier 1 carriers such as DTAG, TATA, Telefรณnica, and Telia we can guarantee the quality, security, and global connectivity.

Monitoring 24/7

The Virtual-Call transport service offers a continuous performance monitoring facility. It ensures service quality and customer satisfaction.

Secure Connectivity

Secure connectivity for VoIP termination, you can communicate with confidence. You'll have the peace of mind to ensure your calls are private and confidential.

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