Wholesale Termination Services by Virtual-Call: VoIP, SMS & Hosted Soft Switch

Discover unparalleled VoIP termination quality with Virtual-Call, your partner for premium direct routes and innovative hosted Soft Switch solutions. Specializing in high-volume traffic, we bring you top-tier Tier 1 connectivity for crystal-clear communication.

Join us as a Virtual-Call partner.

Telecommunications with Virtual-Call's Comprehensive Wholesale Solutions

Deploy VoIP, SMS, and hosted Soft Switch services effortlessly with Virtual-Call. Our offerings propel carriers and VoIP providers into international markets, offering premium routes, seamless SMS delivery, and advanced DID provisioning.

Experience optimized, cost-effective communication strategies crafted for the digital age. Discover our suite of wholesale solutions and elevate your telecommunications with Virtual-Call.

The Virtual-Call Advantage in Wholesale Termination

Superior Quality with Direct Local Termination

Access the world with Virtual-Call's premium wholesale termination services, featuring high-quality direct routes supported by top-tier Tier 1 networks. Experience guaranteed Caller Line Identification (CLI), impeccable voice quality, and our tailored solutions that promise solid connectivity for unobstructed, premium communication.

High-Quality Routes

Virtual-Call guarantees superior routes for your wholesale termination needs, enabling consistent and high-quality communication globally.

Competitive Pricing

With competitive wholesale rates from Virtual-Call, experience the synergy of affordability and quality. Our scalable solutions adapt to your needs, delivering cost efficiency.

Global Coverage

Gain expansive global coverage with our wholesale services, opening doors to international customer connectivity and business growth opportunities.


Guaranteed Quality

Your calls will be terminated at your destination with guaranteed high-quality local carriers to give you low delay.

Global Infrastructure

Our PoPs, located in 6 regions across 5 continents, ensure that you experience low latency and high voice quality.

High Availability

With a geo-redundant infrastructure across multiple geographies and local carrier connections across countries, we promise a 100% up-time.

Carrier Interconnect

With the connection to leading Tier 1 carriers such as BT, Colt, DTAG, TATA, Telefรณnica, and Telia we can guarantee the quality, security, and global connectivity.

Monitoring 24/7

Continuous performance monitoring facilities are the excellent features of Virtual-Call carrier service. It always ensures the quality of service as well as customer satisfaction.

Secure Connectivity

Continuous performance monitoring are the outstanding features of the Virtual-Call SIP trunk service. It guarantees service quality, availability and thus customer satisfaction.

Elevate Your Communication with Virtual-Call's Wholesale Services

Step into the future of communication with Virtual-Call. Contact us to partner and access the finest wholesale VoIP and SMS termination services, along with cutting-edge hosted Soft Switch technologies. Our specialists await to help you extend your global presence and streamline your service offerings.

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