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Welcome to our SIP-Trunk service in Spain, your reliable and cost-effective internet-based phone system. Our service is designed to meet the communication needs of businesses of all types and sizes, allowing you to consolidate your data and phone needs and providing a unified and flexible communication solution.

Plans and pricing

Save money on phone bills

Tariff and numbers

Rates and numbers Spain

Flat minute packages

Spain, and EU countries

Streamline your communication with our SIP-Trunk service in Spain

Complete PSTN replacement with national termination and Crystal clear voice quality.

SIP trunking for your IP telephone system with dynamic  channels

Our SIP-Trunk service in Spain is designed to help you reduce the cost of communication while improving communication quality. Our service is fully customizable and can be integrated seamlessly with your existing systems, making work more productive and efficient.

Our SIP-Trunk service is available for businesses in several countries including, Austria, Brazil, England, Germany, Switzerland, Spain, and Australia. With our efficient and reliable service, you can save on your telecommunications costs while still improving your business communications.

If you're looking to cut your communication costs, expand your phone line, and streamline your communication, look no further than our SIP-Trunk Service. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you improve your business communication.


Our service

National Termination

With National Call Termination in Spain, you can enjoy low latency and a high degree of accuracy when it comes to identifying who is calling. National termination, incoming and outgoing calls are terminated.

Emergency and service numbers

We support calls to emergency and service numbers, all landline and mobile phone numbers, and 0800 numbers.

High voice quality and free portability

We offer high voice quality service, with guaranteed number portability.


Pricing for SIP Trunk in Spain

Trunk 5
45.95 /Month
/5 Channels
Trunk 10
81.95 /Month
/10 Channels
  •   10 Channels
  •   In and outgoing
  •   internal calls free of charge
  •   MS Teams Direct Routing
  •   Flat minutes packages
  • One-time setup fee
  • * the Support Conditions of Virtual-Call apply
Most popular!
Trunk 20
153.95 /Month
/20 Channels
  •   20 Channels
  •   In and outgoing
  •   internal calls free of charge
  •   MS Teams Direct Routing
  •   Flat minutes packages
  • One-time setup fee
  • * the Support Conditions of Virtual-Call apply
Trunk 30
245.95 /Month
/30 Channels
  •   30 Channels
  •   In and outgoing
  •   internal calls free of charge
  •   MS Teams Direct Routing
  •   Flat minutes packages
  • One-time setup fee
  • * the Support Conditions of Virtual-Call apply
  •   Included
  •   Optional

* Rates per minute.
- Minimum term 12 months

MS Teams Direct Routing

optional for Spain
Per channel
€2,90 /Month
MS Teams connection

Do you need more channels for your SIP-Trunk in Spain?

For more simultaneous calls

Rates for Spain

€0.025 /min
All networks
€0.12 /min
All networks
Virtual-Call Net
€0.00 /min
VC to VC
Emergency calls
€0.00 /min
To 0800 numbers
€0.00 /min
to 03451
€0.25 /min
IP Numbers

Phone numbers Spain

Get national phone numbers from all areas. (regulation)

Landline (Geographic)
Price per number and monthly
Block of 10
Price per block and monthly. Setup fee €20.00
Transfer the phone number
Block of 100
Price per block and monthly. Setup fee €170.00

SMS Tariff for SIP-Trunk in Spain

per SMS message
per SMS message
USA & Canada
per SMS message
South and Central America
per SMS message
Asia, Australia and New Zealand
per SMS message
per SMS message

Spain National SIP Trunking


PSTN replacement

Connect your IP-PBX in Spain directly to the PSTN network and make and receive national calls. Save on your phone bills with our Business Minute packets.

National caller ID

It is a national SIP Trunk in Spain with national caller ID and all telephony features as a normal landline.

Emergency Calling

Emergency calling in Spain, dial the police, or ambulance (hope you never required it) for free

MS Teams Direct Routing

Optionally get the MS Teams Direct Routing directly to the Microsoft Azure cloud via our SBC.

Servicenumber calling

Dial all service numbers in Spain (except Premium 0900) and benefits from a true national SIP Trunk in Spain

Low Latency

With our SIP cluster in Spain you benefit from an extremely low latency with cristal clear voice.

Regulation in Spain

For Spain the following regulations and restrictions are required; the information must be sent to Virtual-Call before the numbers can be activated. The following restrictions apply to Spain, along with the documentation required for local number registration.

  • Name, business name and contact phone numbers.
  • Company registration certificate
  • Local address in the same city as DID ordered
  • Proof of address form (copy of utility bill no older than 6 months).
Regulation of phone numbers

Minute volume package - for Spain

Benefit from our attractive minute volume packages for your SIP-Trunk in Spain, which apply per trunk and are independent of the number of channels. More flexibility and cost control for your business.


Volume package landline  
5'000 minutes €108.75
10'000 minutes €216.95
20'000 minutes €434.95
50'000 minutes €1'086.95
Volume package mobile  
1'000 minutes €80.00
2'500 minutes €200.00
5'000 minutes €400.00
10'000 minutes €800.00

EU - Countries

Volume package landline  
5'000 minutes €120.00
10'000 minutes €240.00
20'000 minutes €480.00
50'000 minutes €1'200.00
Volume package mobile  
1'000 minutes €118.00
2'500 minutes €295.00
5'000 minutes €590.00
10'000 minutes €1'180.00

- Flat rates apply per trunk, regardless of the number of call channels.
- The transfer of unused minutes to the next month is not possible.
- The included voice minutes are valid for use in the fixed or mobile network; calls to service and business numbers are not included.
- If the included minutes are exceeded, the additional minutes will be charged at the standard rates.
- The use of call centers, telemarketing, and automated device connections is not allowed.

MS Teams Direct Routing from Virtual-Call

Microsoft Teams Direct Routing for SIP Trunk in Spain

With this powerful integration, we provide a direct routing solution to connect our Cloud PBX directly with Microsoft Teams. You don't need an external IT company and various service technicians; even PowerShell knowledge is unnecessary! Direct connection of our SBCs to the Microsoft Azure Cloud data centers ensures optimal quality and short latency.

Rates for the most dialed destinations

Here you can see a selection of tariffs for the most common destinations abroad.*

  Landline Mobile
Belgium 0,025 €/min 0,12 €/min
Brazil 0,05 €/min 0,15 €/min
China 0,10 €/min 0,10 €/min
France 0,025 €/min 0,12 €/min
United Kingdom 0,025 €/min 0,12 €/min
Ireland 0,025 €/min 0,12 €/min
  Landline Mobile
Netherlands 0,025 €/min 0,12 €/min
Portugal 0,025 €/min 0,12 €/min
Switzerland 0,05 €/min 0,16 €/min
Singapore 0,05 €/min 0,05 €/min
Spain 0,025 €/min €0.03
USA 0,030 €/min €0.03

*Call rates are per minute. Prices are subject to change without notice.

For your Spain SIP Trunk

International phone numbers

Having a presence anywhere in the world is what makes a company internationally competitive. We offer services in many countries, and can provide you with an international phone number that will help your company grow even more! Companies that operate both in Spain and internationally can use our international numbers and services to demonstrate the local presence that often plays a decisive role in business relationships.

Our numbers are available in many countries, so you're sure to find the perfect solution for your needs. Call our team for help in applying for an international number or 0800 service number so that customers can contact you more easily!

Connect Spain SIP Trunking with any IP PBX and Platform

Virtual-Call SIP Trunking work with any system, including 3CX, Asterisk, Microsoft Teams, Aastra, and many more.

So why wait?

Contact us today and get a full PSTN replacement in Spain for your headquarters and branch. We look forward to helping you save money.

Frequently asked questions

What does national telephony mean in Spain?

National telephony means that you have the same features in Spain as Spain. Incoming and outgoing calls are terminated nationally in Spain. Calls to emergency numbers and 0800 (free of charge) are also possible in Spain.

Are there any special regulatory requirements for Spain?

Yes, to receive telephone numbers in Spain, proof of address in Spain is required from the city/area code of the telephone number ordered. A copy of the commercial register certificate showing the address can be proof of address.

Can I port my numbers to Spain?

Yes, this is possible without further ado. A copy of the bill from the current provider is required. Porting is free of charge when the Terms are a minimum of 12 months.

Are there flat packages for Spain?

We can offer you a discount on the price per minute if the volume is sufficient; please contact us.

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