SIP Trunk features

Streamline voice calling for maximum efficiency and enjoy features such as scalability, reliability & robust security at reduced costs. Discover how easy it is staying ahead with advanced communications technology - try SIP Trunk today!

SIP trunking features of Virtual-Call

Take advantage of SIP Trunk to reduce call costs and enable new features.

SIP Trunk for Business: Simplifying Voice and Data Communication

A SIP Trunk is indispensable for any business that wants to optimize voice and data communication. By using one Internet connection for both types of traffic, businesses can save on telecommunications costs while enjoying the benefits of advanced features quality calls and unified messaging.

It also offers benefits such as simple deployment, cost reduction, reliability, remote working, and Unified communications, which can help businesses achieve greater efficiency in their communications and customer service.

SIP Trunk is being increasingly adopted by businesses of all sizes as a reliable and cost-effective alternative to traditional phone systems.

Virtual-Call's SIP Trunk is a cost-effective solution to enhance your phone system and connect your IP-PBX to the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN), eliminating the need for expensive copper lines. It offers features such as unlimited channels, low latency, high-quality voice, and number portability.

With our solution, businesses can enjoy greater flexibility while minimizing the costs associated with traditional phone lines. Our extensive network ensures that businesses get reliable performance without compromising quality or scalability – take control of calls today by upgrading to a more modern, reliable system!


With a reliable SIP trunking solution from Virtual-Call, businesses no longer have to juggle several telephone carriers or worry about the repercussions of mismanaging the entire process. Our solution takes the hassle out of handling incoming and outgoing calls.

Increased productivity

Calls are connected faster, and hold times are shorter with our SIP trunk, allowing for improved customer service and easier collaboration between teams.

Emergency calling

Emergency calling can save lives! In an emergency, every second counts. Calling 911/112 quickly and accurately can ensure help arrives as soon as possible. Help is only a phone call away!


With reliable VoIP technology, businesses can ensure that their calls are getting through without interruption or dropped connections due to weather conditions or power outages that affect traditional landline systems.

Clip no screening

Clip no screening allows businesses to quickly and easily set up a SIP trunk and enjoy the benefits of improved communications and cost savings. It eliminates manual configuration for each call, saving time and resources. With Clip no screening, businesses can leverage their existing IT infrastructure to gain access to an affordable, robust, and secure communication solution that helps them stay connected with customers.


With a SIP trunk, you can rest assured that your calls are secured via encryption, offering an extra layer of protection against any malicious attacks that may occur over the open internet. Investing in a SIP trunk can be the difference between a vulnerable and a secure communication system -- so why wait? Invest in a SIP trunk today and ensure that your data remains secure.


As businesses continue to grow and evolve, their communication needs change as well. Investing in a communications platform that can scale quickly and easily as those needs change is essential for continuing business success. It will ensure you can always communicate effectively and stay ahead of the competition. So don't wait to invest in the technology that will give your business the edge – invest in a scalable communications platform today!

Ease of use

The setup process for our SIP trunk is much simpler than setting up traditional landlines, we from Virtual-Calls offer easy-to-use online portals for configuring your network settings and managing your account information in one convenient location.

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