Wholesale VoIP Termination

We provide only direct routes for our Wholesale termination Premium and Standard.

We are interconnected only with direct routes via Colt, DTAG, BICS and some other local carrier.

For Reseller, VoIP Provider and Carrier

We providehigh-quality premium and Standard call termination with 100% CLI for our Premium route. All calls are terminated exclusively via direct routes to our interconnection partners. Through our connections to carriers worldwide, we can provide very short PDD and latency, your calls are scheduled directly to local carriers in different countries.

Standard Route

High quality at the most competitive market rates.
Our Standard route is an stable and reliable voice termination.

  • CLI Best effort
  • Good voice quality

Premium Route

High QoS Premium route.
Our Premium route arean stable and reliable voice termination with guaranteed CLI and the high voice quality

  • Best quality at a stable price
  • Direct termination to mobile network operators
  • Guaranteed  (CLI).

Retail Route

Our Retail route have only retail voice quality, the best route you can get for your customers.

  • Guaranteed CLI
  • Retail voice quality
  • Low latency and PDD
  • Orgination and Termination within the country