Phone numbers from Portugal

Limitations and regulation:

  • Local address is required for nomadic numbers (030 range). This info will be sent to Virtual-Call within 24 hours of receiving the request, otherwise the number may be disconnected.
  • A calling card business must be registered at the regulator.
  • Calling card applications can only be used with numbers being part of the range "882".
  • DID numbers are reachable from the following fixed and mobile networks: MEO, PT Prime, NOS, Vodafone, ONI, NOWO, Colt, G9 & Dialoga
  • Compatibility issues have been reported for international fax transmissions.
  • Customers shall use Virtual-Call’s numbers for their own use and understand and agree that further assignment of these numbers to other third parties is not allowed.
  • For geographical numbers the location of the end user (place of residence/business) corresponding to relevant geographic zone is required and the customer will submit to Virtual-Call the required proof of telecom services being provided to the address of the number before activating the number.
  • For geographical numbers the customer will submit to Virtual-Call the required address proofs before activating the number and keep the information updated during use.

Below are the phone numbers currently available in :


Lisboa (21)
T.38, Porting
EUR 12.50
EUR 5.00
Porto (22)
T.38, Porting
EUR 12.50
EUR 5.00