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Your landline number on mobile

What is LandlineToGo and how does it work?

LandlineToGo is Virtual-Call's newest product. It is a virtual fixed number that you can use on your smartphone. It is flexible and economical because you can purchase a fixed Virtual-Call number from anywhere in the world.

and make and receive calls regardless of your location. You can use LandlineToGo worldwide.

LandlineToGo is an ideal solution for Self-employed, freelancers and small businesses who want to be more mobile in communication and at the same time have their business more professional with a fixed mobile number.

How does it work?

In 5 minutes LandlineToGo is ready for you to use. Just ask us for your landline number or if you prefer to carry your current landline number, receive an email with your registration data, download our application on your smartphone and start making and receiving calls anywhere. The portability of your landline number to Virtual-Call is free of charge.

You can use LandlineToGo on up to 3 devices, such as your smartphone, a softphone on your PC or an IP phone in your office or home office. Setup is easy and done in a minute.

Never miss a call again

Can't take the call at the moment? We have voicemail with message forwarding to your email and never miss a call again.  And if there is no internet connection when you receive the calls, don't worry because they will be forwarded to the number saved in your account. You won't miss any calls and can be contacted even when you don't have an internet connection. With LandldineToGo you will be available anywhere, the "Follow-ME" function is a thing of the past.

What do I need to use LandlineToGo? You just need an internet connection, which can be via Wifi, 3G, 4G, cable, DSL

What is the difference to a conventional landline number?

With a regular landline number, you can usually use it only in your office, or at home. LandlineToGo is a landline number that you can use anywhere with internet access, for example in the office, smartphone, at home or on business trips.

I have a landline with unlimited calls, why should I use LandlineToGo?

The fixed line number of your internet operator you can only use it where your modem is installed.  The LandlineToGo number of Virtual-Call you can use it anywhere, in your office, smartphone, at home or on business trips.

Get your LandlineToGo now.

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