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How does cloud telephony work?

How does cloud telephony work?

Cloud telephony works through a VoIP service provider. When you dial the phone number you want to call the service provider takes care of the routing.

It converts analog voice signals into data packets and transmits them over the Internet connection. This is how it connects your phone to the person you are calling.

On your side, you would replace individual phone devices with a IP Phone. Instead of connecting to a landline phone, you connect your phones to the existing internet network. You can also use a soft phone, an application installed on your computer, tablet or smartphone. In both cases, you're calling from a modern, easy-to-use interface and establish a call in a fraction of a second.

Because cloud telephony runs in the cloud, you can manage your business phone system through an online dashboard for complete control over phone numbers, call forwarding, adding new users and more.

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