Functions of the Virtual PBX

Hold, transfer, and call forwarding are standard features that allow you to conveniently hold or transfer incoming calls to another party.

With the forwarding feature, you can easily redirect all calls to your mobile phone, so you'll never miss a call when you're not in the office.


With Fax2Mail you receive faxes as a PDF attachment, these can be saved and printed as needed. You can specify one or more e-mail addresses to which the fax should be forwarded.

IVR (Auto attendant)

With IVR you can select incoming calls and forward them to the responsible employees or the department via the hunt group. Example: Press 1 for sale, 2 for support, etc.

Speed Dials

With speed dials you can arrange external numbers of a shortened number sequence, the advantage is that you do not have to constantly dial the entire number.

Hunt groups

You can also set up hunt groups for easy call management. Hunt groups allow you to assign a single telephone number to an entire department. For example, an incoming call rings on the group number Marketing or Service on all selected endpoints in the respective department.


Voicemail is the modern version of an answering machine. It offers the possibility to play the caller an voice prompt, if the call can not be accepted. After an individual voice prompt text, the caller has the opportunity to leave a message. If a message is recorded, the system then converts this message into an audio file and sends an e-mail with the voice prompt in mp3 format.

Musik on Hold

You want your customers to hear your favorite song? This feature, also known as music on hold, allows customers to hear this music while you hold or forward the callers.