VoIP Solution in the Cloud

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We provide currently Virtual-PBX in 23 countries, we support in-country calling, emergency, call to Service and Short Code numbers and free call to 0800.

SIP Trunk

We provide currently SIP Trunk in 23 countries, all Trunks support in-country calling, emergency, call to Service and Short Code numbers and free call to 0800.

Phone numbers

Numbers from over 50 countries, number porting in 30 countries and 0800 numbers from more than 30 countries.

VoIP for enterprise

You want to use VoIP in your company, but you are not sure yet?

VoIP solutions in the cloud – flexible and cost-effective.

Whether in Germany, Switzerland or any other country, you can use VoIP solutions from Virtual Call in any country regardless of location.

VoIP solutions for your business, 99.999% availability and high voice quality. Take advantage of the many advantages of modern telephony for your company with a Virtual-PBX or the connection of your existing IP telephone system via SIP Trunk.

Virtual-PBX the modern telephone system in the Cloud, Location independent, easy to use quickly expandable and cost-effective. Standard features, such as branch offices, hunt groups, call processing, Fax2Mail and more. Connect your business with local or international locations, in different cities and countries, make free calls within your company's locations worldwide. Your phone is where you are.

Sip trunk for your existing IP PBX, connect your existing IP IP PBX to the public PSTN without having to changes your existing phone infrastructure. If you wish, take your existing phone numbers with you, we port phone numbers to more than 30 countries.

International phone numbers from more than 50 countries.

Use a local phone number from more than 50 countries and give your customers, business partners now the opportunity to call you at a locally low rate. Show local presence and expand your business in new markets.

Wholesale VoIP Termination we provide high-quality premium termination in retail quality with 100% CLI, all calls are route exclusive via direct routes.

0800 service numbers from over 30 countries

Provide your customers the opportunity to call you for free with an 0800 number from more than 30 countries.

The modern way of telephoning in perfect voice quality, location independent and at reasonable cost, at no hidden cost.